The health and safety officer in a business in years gone by had, in some instances in the past, been approached with an arched eyebrow and a heavy sigh. Those days have, thankfully, gone and a revolution has taken place in the way that health and safety is viewed within an organisation. In many businesses health and safety was viewed as a blocker to change and progress, a barrier to be overcome before a new policy could be enacted.

Today, this opinion has, in many cases, ebbed away and has been replaced by a feeling that health and safety has to work hand in glove with the rest of an organisation to ensure that progress and change is enacted with the safety of all aspects of the workforce in mind. This week, as we mark the release of our health and safety special issue, we want to know if this change has carried over to your organisation.

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The National Minimum Wage comes into force on April 1st meaning that up to 4.5 million people across the country will get a pay rise this week. Employers across the country will be forced to pay the mandatory £7.20 wage to all their workers aged 25 and over. Although the policy will obviously be beneficial to workers, some businesses are expected to struggle to cope with having to pay the extra wages while still balancing their books.

It is not only small to medium sized firms that will be effected, major companies such as Tesco and B&Q have announced that they will have to make changes to the numbers of people that they recruit in order to afford the increased wage bill. So, in the week of this momentous change, we want to know, is the new National Minimum Wage good for your business?

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