Many of us have experienced the effects of the ongoing talent shortage throughout much of the pandemic and beyond.

So, which strategies can help boost your talent acquisition to win the war for top talent?

Research has shown that implementing digitalisation practices improves hiring accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and overall effective streamlining of processes.

Technology can intervene to improve the way employees work. Companies who do not digitalise run the risk of losing relevance in an increasingly internet and tech heavy world.

Creating a winning talent attraction plan, as well as utilising certain automation tools to help TA and HR leaders are both vital in the hunt for top talent.

Join our free live webinar for a deep dive into how to attract and hire top talent during the current skills shortage with experts in the field including:

  • James Marsh, HR Manager at Planet Organic and former Editor of HRreview
  • Rhea Moss, Director of Data Insights and Customer Intelligence, iCIMS
  • Kimberly Taylor, Chief Evangelist, iCIMS



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