On Thursday 25th March at 11am, join HRreview for our live webinar ‘Driving employee growth and development through negative feedback‘. 

One of the top drivers of employee engagement and retention is access to continuous learning and development, but this requires quality feedback that includes a plan for improvement and achievement. The trouble? It can be awkward or uncomfortable to give this kind of negative feedback to others, and recipients are often resistant to hearing it.

Charlotte Mosley, Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp will be discussing highlighting the hurdles to delivering negative feedback, and showing ways in which successful organisations leverage its power to motivate performance and engagement.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– The hurdles to delivering negative feedback
– How companies have found success with frequent feedback
– How performance feedback can be used to motivate good performance and increase engagement
– How continuous learning and development impacts employee engagement and retention

You can also ask our specialists any questions that you may have and vote in live polls. This webinar is live and interactive which means our audience are encouraged to actively discuss issues surrounding this topic with our expert panel.

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