On 19/11/20 join HRreview for our free webinar ‘Insights for a Resilient HR Strategy in 2021’. Join experts from SD Worx and EY Absolute on our virtual forum where we will discuss the findings of research conducted about this topic and how these insights can be applied to create a more resilient HR strategy in the Insights for a resilient HR strategy in 2021 – 19/11/2020coming year.

This webinar will include Fiona McKee, HR Director at SD Worx, Simon Parsons, Director of UK compliance strategies at SD Worx and Lou Gray, Head of Transitions & Operations at EY Absolute.
In the session we’ll discuss:
    • Should digital transformation and automation be put on hold amid the crisis?
    •  How HR can deliver personalised employee experiences
    •  How HR leaders can increase digital maturity
    •  Why Payroll is the top priority for HR leaders in the UK
    •  Why and how we should adapt to flexible working practices post-COVID-19

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