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Student employers predict an economic recession will cause fewer graduates to be hired in the next five years.

However, according to a survey by Aon, 23 percent of employers said they expect more companies to bypass graduates altogether and aim to hire school and college leavers.

This is reflected by the hiring margins between 2018 and now, which saw hiring of school leavers rise to just above 40 percent, while graduates rose to just under 20 percent.

But, Aon, which helps companies make better business decisions, suggests curbing the talent shortage by using HR tools to attract a more diverse talent pool.

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Aon experts on the panel also have a number of techniques to improve the actual recruitment process, which it says needs constant assessment to ensure it is fair, and recruiting the talent that will help your business grow.

The multinational firm, which has 50,000 employees in 120 countries, says while the challenges of the past two years have been unprecedented, there are also now new priorities and innovations that can be taken advantage of.

It says these innovations mean we can assess, recruit, select and onboard the next generation of talent using a number of better techniques.

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There will also be advice on how to collect feedback from candidates to learn from for future recruitment, as well as techniques to build workforce resilience.