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How HR directors can take the lead in creating value through HR technology   By Steve Foster, business consulting manager, NorthgateArinso UK Everyone knows technology can help reduce operational costs in HR, yet research has shown that many organisations struggle to get beyond the administrative benefits, and few fully exploit their investment in technology.  Participants…

Inbound Vs Outbound Recruitment Marketing A short description of inbound marketing for graduate recruitment in the UK.   Internship Tips Internship tips from graduate recruitment specialists representing Barclays Capital, UBS and Goldman Sachs. Find out tips about what is expected of graduates during an internship, how long their internships last, what support receive. The Guardian London…

There are many people who quibble over diversity recruitment. Some argue for advertising in certain minority media and specialist websites. Others call for changes in the law that would allow them to fast-track under-represented groups.

Andrew Tromans, Director of Search & Selection at Waterhouse Consulting Group explains.

Employees taken ill during a period of scheduled annual leave should now be allowed to reschedule their holidays, according to a new ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). So what impact will this have on current employer policies and will this make it easier for employees to abuse the law? Vanessa Latham, Employment Partner at Berrymans Lace Mawer LLP solicitors gives us an in depth analysis.

Mediation is becoming more and more important to HR professionals as a method of resolving workplace disputes and restoring working relationships. Although it has previously been viewed as a soft option, mediation is now fast becoming the preferred method for resolving workplace conflict. Why? Because it really gets results.

The average office worker will spend upwards of 40 hours every week side-by-side with their colleagues, sharing the best (and worst) of each other’s opinions, habits and lifestyle. David Liddle, Founder & Director of The TCM Group explores how effective mediation can save money as well as working relationships.

A swine flu epidemic could cost the UK economy £50 billion, mostly in lost revenue and sick pay, according to a recent survey by the Ernst & Young ITEM Club. Kate Redshaw from Burges Salmon LLP explains how best to deal with this epidemic.

In this article, Julia Mixter, Senior HR Business Partner in Transport for London, looks at the case for mediation, the process of introducing it in TfL and anticipates the issues that may arise. Including a list of Issues and Mitigation, and how they are dealt with in the TfL.

HRreview has compiled a selection of interesting videos focussed on emplying and vetting non-UK nationals, including:
The Point’s Based System: A comprehensive guide to the UK’s new system for those wanting to live and work in the UK
The UK Boarder Agency: the new UK Border Agency is working to strengthen the country’s borders, overseeing immigration, customs and citizenship.

Among the new faces brought by the influx of immigrants to Western countries, is an increasing Muslim population. Catherine Trombley, Global Mobility Specialist, from Rutherfoord International explains how to better understand the Muslim Colleagues in your workplace.