Jane Sunley

Jane Sunley: L&D and embedding service excellence – getting the basics right!

Learning and development (L & D) and embedding service excellence into your organisation aren’t rocket science. However, it’s surprising how many businesses still aren’t even getting the basics right whilst ignoring the ‘easy wins’ that cost little or nothing at all. This guide will help you to get your people to where you need them to be – competently and enthusiastically delivering first-class customer service.

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Jane Sunley: Internal communications and employee engagement (‘the big E’)

There are some fundamental building blocks that form the glue to stick together everything that’s good about your organisation. These include culture and values. This blog looks at two more – internal communications and employee engagement. Without these in place and working well it’s likely that your diligent and strenuous efforts in other key areas (learning and development, for example) might not yield the returns you’d expect.

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