Ian Symes: The graduating ‘Class of 2015’ is big enough to populate the UK’s second largest city

With almost 800,000 newly qualified graduates and postgraduates having entered the UK workforce this summer the question of their employment looms large. Last year 20,000 graduates were unemployed six months after leaving university and a third took jobs in “non-professional” roles that didn’t require degrees.

Ian Symes: Why are ‘motherhood penalties’ still stalling women’s careers?

In a recent report from Mumsnet it was revealed that six out of 10 women feel having children has had a negative effect on their career. The research also found that nine out of 10 women agreed that there exists a ‘motherhood penalty’ which stalls women’s careers. These numbers make for disappointing reading to anyone who wants an enthusiastic female workforce.

Ian Symes: Maternity coaching is key to preventing discrimination in the workplace

According to figures analysed by the House of Commons library, up to 50,000 women a year feel they can’t return to their jobs after maternity leave, suggesting that women returning to work are either forced into positions with less responsibility or are effectively dismissed. Stigma and discrimination have been cited as the main reasons, underlined…