Ben Black: Shared Parental Leave – One year on

True but completely unfair. Before I explain why let me set out a bit of background. The world would be a million times better – actually $12 trillion better – if we truly had equality. But equality is a long and complex journey. It doesn’t only involve recognising female talent (the best businesses already bend over backwards to help their best women fulfil their potential); it also involves changing the world so that men and women do the jobs they are best suited to rather than the ones society tells them to do.

Ben Black: What Are The True Benefits of Being a Family-Friendly Employer?

So what are the true benefits of being a family-friendly employer? It’s a good question. There’s lots of stuff written about being “family-friendly” and about how by being nice to your working mums you will somehow help the bottom line. But is that really true? As usual, hard numbers are difficult to come by but…