Armin Hopp

Armin Hopp: Should employees choose their own development opportunities?

Staff churn is a costly exercise and disruptive to business and customer service. Employee desire to change jobs can be due to a number of complex factors but there is no doubt that learning opportunities ranging from vocational skills through to soft skills such as language and communications competencies can help to create and maintain employee loyalty and drive richer career development opportunities throughout the organisation.

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Armin Hopp: Keeping corporate learning up to date with the Millennial generation

Delivering learning and development to young people in the workplace can be challenge – especially if those in charge pre-date the internet generation. Millennials will make up half the workforce by 20201 and they will expect social and mobile learning platforms as a matter of course. As organisations become increasingly international, learning and development professionals have a key role to play in providing the language and communication skills to underpin that.

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Armin Hopp: Championing business agility through better workforce communications

Business agility is vital in the fast-moving international marketplace we face today. Organisations need to be able to place skilled staff around the world as new opportunities arise and new customers are won. Employees are no longer siloed in static roles but are resources enabling their organisation to compete effectively by creating new teams and cross-skilling rapidly.

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