Wellbeing is booming

Wellbeing is booming. According to Google Trends there are now 50% more “wellbeing” searches than 5 years ago. Across the globe Australia’s curiosities are the highest, with the UK a close second. And most interesting it is here in the UK that we refine our searches towards work most frequently, asking “What is workplace wellbeing?” and “What are the best steps towards workplace wellbeing?” the most.

So with all that in mind, I’m going to offer a succinct definition of wellbeing and it’s value to your business. And from here invite you to take Yoke’s 30 seconds #wellbeingrealitycheck quiz to figure out where you’re at with wellbeing today….and of course what best step to take next 🙂


What is wellbeing

Wellbeing is a sense of personal vitality. When reached we feel we are thriving across aspects of our life in the short term (hedonic wellbeing) and long term (eudaemonic wellbeing).

Interestingly it’s a dynamic concept which means the factors contributing to our wellbeing are continuously changing. At times our wellbeing may be most influenced by financial drivers and at other moments, by relational, emotional or physical elements.

Learning to dance between these individual priorities with awareness, commitment and practice is how we maintain a sense of wellbeing, regardless of what comes our way.

Why is it worth taking seriously?

Well, wellbeing isn’t just a nice to have. Those that know how to effectively manage and improve it life longer (up to 7 years) and are up to 50% happier. According to Gallup’s latest wellbeing research, those with the right wellbeing formula are also:

1. Up to 65% more productive
2. Twice as likely to adapt to change
3. 41% less likely to miss work due to poor health
4. 81% less likely to seek a new job next year, and
5. Earning up to 42% more than those with wellbeing (mental health) problems

In short, it is worth taking seriously in your organisation. Those that do, promote “wellbeing mindsets” that enable their people to bring their full self to work, again and again and again.

How can we do wellbeing well?

The meaning of “well” in this sentence depends on two things:

1. Internal perceptions – what your people think
2. External perceptions – what industry experts think

In Yoke’s eyes the role of an employer is to help their people, adult to adult, thrive at work. We find that what people are doing today, often needs a reality check against their own people’s views and industry standards. From here, you can then see if it’s poor, ok, good or excellent and decipher what best to do next.

Want to know now?

If your curious to know where you’re at with wellbeing today, take Yoke’s #wellbeingrealitycheck quiz. It takes 30 seconds to complete……and you never know you may be doing more than you realise!

What next
My next article will go into the detail of what it takes to be a leader. However if in the meantime you want to learn more from Yoke, why not come to one of our free events:

1. Yoke & Ashfords LLP: “Wellbeing – HR’s legal duty”
To help you be clear on your legal obligations and how best to influence others on wellbeing, we are co-hosting an event with Ashfords LLP at 1 New Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1AN, on Tuesday 11th October (09.00 for 09.30 start). To book, email: events@ashfords.co.uk

2. Yoke at City-Work conference on October 31st
Yoke is sharing it’s insight through a series of workshops on what “leading wellbeing strategy” looks like. Co-hosted with Investors in People (Health & Wellbeing Awards) we are working with 250 HR professionals to define what excellent wellbeing thinking looks like! Book your spot here: kauser.aslam@healtheurope.eu