Inbound Vs Outbound Recruitment Marketing


A short description of inbound marketing for graduate recruitment in the UK.


Internship Tips

Internship tips from graduate recruitment specialists representing Barclays Capital, UBS and Goldman Sachs. Find out tips about what is expected of graduates during an internship, how long their internships last, what support receive.

The Guardian London Graduate Fair

Take a look at who goes to a careers fair – the graduates seeking jobs and the recruiters seeking graduates.  

The Best Way to Hire Employees Public relations firm Padilla, Spear, and Beardsley share their secrets for hiring employees


Examples of Corporate Graduate Recruitment Videos

BBH, London

A group of young school children are asked by their teacher – “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Whilst most have uninteresting or weird ambitions, Charlie on the other hand is already aspiring to a life in an agency…




Jack Morton created this award-winning video to aid Shell’s graduate recruitment program.

Lowe, London



A recruitment video from Australia. Young graduates having fun in the auditing world with a boss who tells us that ‘auditing can be a very exciting profession’…