The recent snows have once again hit the headlines, causing travel chaos which has resulted in serious disruption to many businesses. Yet as getting to work has proved an increasingly forlorn struggle for many employees, it has been easy to lose sight of the fact that there has been another current high profile issue having considerable impact on commercial stability – and which can be tackled in an exactly similar way.

The bad news is that UK petrol prices have just hit a record high – and the signs are they set to increase even further. One thing is for sure: this is likely to have a serious impact on the cashflow of countless SMEs across the UK, as they find themselves hit by a rapid increase in the cost of staff travelling to and from meetings – with colleagues, partners and customers alike.

The much better news however is that there are readily available solutions to significantly lessen the impact of fuel increases. Cloud-based collaboration technologies that are simple to use and affordable allow your staff to remotely access the corporate network or work with fellow staff and third parties via online meetings – securely and in real time,.

By adopting this approach, employees can be more productive – whether working in the office or remotely – by cutting out unnecessary travel time. And the resulting cut in operational costs delivers a win/win result for the business overall. Now how often can you truly say that?