Managers and employers should offer childcare vouchers to working dads this father’s day. Contrary to popular belief it is not only working mothers, but working fathers who can benefit from the tax benefits that childcare vouchers bring when paying for childcare.

While children will be pondering the best present that they can give to dad this father’s day, employers should be looking at offering working fathers the possibility of tax savings that could amount up to £900 a year through childcare vouchers, a salary sacrifice scheme.

Working parents with children up to the age of 15 can pay for all kinds of childcare including holiday and after school clubs with childcare vouchers. All working parents can ask their workplace to offer the benefit scheme and employers also save money too.

Fathers day is a perfect day to highlight the importance of working parents and the savings they should be able to enjoy. All employees with children can sign up to the scheme to benefit from the tax savings and childcare benefits that the salary sacrifice scheme offers. It doesn’t cost employers to offer this benefit to their staff and employees can profit from the savings and childcare provision that it offers right up until their children are 15 years of age.