Whilst social networking is the most significant force to hit the internet since the web was invented, why is it that only 5% of people are currently finding their jobs through a social networking platform? The fact that the recruitment industry in the UK has been so unaffected by social networking seems strange when other industries such as communications (Facebook), retail (Ebay) and entertainment (YouTube) have been totally reshaped. Whilst organisations are understanably treading carefully in using this new phenomenon to find the very best talent, the inevitability that recruitment will be totally reshaped by the power of the crowd to unleash information, knowledge and job opportunities is, we think, without doubt.

There are very clearly major risks for both job seekers (dodgy profiles) and organisations (reputations potentially threatened online) – however employers and employees are going to be forced to navigate these hurdles to make use of the new channels and opportunities and most importantly improved economics of hiring a more connected and interactive world has to offer. The fascinating thing for all of us involved with HR is going to be to watch how this social networking recruitment future pans out, and who the winners and losers are.