recruitmentEmployers and recruiters from all sectors across the UK will have to rely on their emergency talent pool every now and then. It’s your ‘go to’ source for urgently required professional candidates; normally met through networking and often a selection of previous applicants who didn’t quite hit the mark. Maybe you’ve exhausted yours and it’s looking like a drought rather than a pool? This is where the sturdy online job board saves the day.

Imagine instant access to a database holding millions of CVs. You can browse, download CVs and most importantly source the ideal candidates instantly, without any third parties. In today’s saturated recruitment market instant access to a talent pool will put you miles ahead of the competition.

Here are my top five benefits for using a CV database:

1.       Instant Access to Active Job Seekers

CV databases offer you an instant source of millions of candidates from all industries. It’s a quick solution to find the staff that match your roles. Everyone in your HR team can access the database to help fill the roles they look after. Generalist job boards, such as CV-Library,  Jobsite and Monster, cover all sectors and all levels so it’s very rare that you won’t find CV matches.

2.       Time Saving CV Alerts

Finding those hidden gems is hard enough but when you have to compete with huge corporate recruitment budgets you might feel like you’re always left behind. With access to a CV database you can set up unlimited, instant, CV Alerts. This means you will be notified the moment a CV matching your criteria is registered with the database. So whether you’re recruiting staff for one role or 100 you will always be the first to receive new candidates’ details.

3.       Complete Control of Your Company’s Recruitment

In many cases outsourcing your recruitment to an agency might be the perfect solution for your company. However, for certain recruitment campaigns you might want full control, especially of the budget. A job board and CV database will give you this control and it can be used on an ad hoc basis for different roles that come up during the year.

4.       Perfect for Urgent Positions

As mentioned before, knowing you have instant access to a talent pool holding millions of CVs will definitely take the pressure off when you have an urgent role to fill. If you’re short of time the customer service teams at job boards should provide additional support and offer to run CV searches, upload job descriptions and find CVs to help speed up your recruitment process.

5.       All Industries and Levels of Experience Covered

Even if your company specialises in a specific sector or industry you might find yourself recruiting candidates from a variety of backgrounds. This could include; Account Managers, Sales Assistants, Customer Service Support, PAs, and Office Managers. A generalist job board, such as CV-Library, offers you instant access to all of these candidates and more. This helps to streamline your recruitment efforts and save you a lot of time and money.

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