It’s widely acknowledged that the start of a new year often brings the urge to revamp aspects of your life. One of the top ten New Year’s resolutions is to find a new job, so how can you ensure that your team is happy and minimise employee turnover? Here are my top five pointers for staff retention:

  • Make people feel valued – 36% of Brits feel that they would be twice as productive if their work was valued. Recognise (and reward) great results to show that you appreciate the effort your staff have made as a group and individually. That little bit of encouragement can go a long way
  • Lead by example – If you want your staff to be passionate about the work they do then demonstrate it yourself. Convey the qualities you wish your team would adopt. A leader needs to not only demonstrate that they care, but also convey passion, empathy and eagerness to help.
  • Support – The key aspect of any HR role is to harness each person’s strengths and encourage development for organisational growth. 87% of Brits want more training and development opportunities over a higher salary, so show your willingness to support your team through training and development opportunities. Give them the chance to learn a skill that they’re interested in or passionate about, regardless of whether or not it’s related to their role. Investing in your employees will ultimately benefit your business and you will reap the rewards
  • Office culture – Human beings are naturally a product of their surroundings, so it’s vital to create an engaging and fun environment for your staff to work in. This will help your team not only feel as though they belong, but also encourage them to be proud of working for the organisation. By doing this you will unite the individuals and motivate the group as a whole. A workforce that feels part of the business fabric won’t feel the need to leave
  • Socialise away from the office – Something as small as sharing a common interest outside the business can change working dynamics for the better and give individuals a sense of community. A drink, a work night out or sporting event can help productivity within the workplace… after all a team that plays together, stays together!

Helen Ives, HR Director, PEER 1 Hosting