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Dean Forbes: Minimising employee absence should be a year-round effort

The first Monday in February has traditionally been the day when people are most likely to pull a sickie – how can we put an end to it?

A third of SME employees quit job due to work-related frustration

New research finds why SME workers are highly likely to quit their job over work stress.

HRreview’s focus week on workplace wellbeing and stress begins!

HRreview has embarked on another of it’s popular focus week’s on the key HR issues affecting practitioners across the UK. This week we turn our attention to the state of workplace wellbeing and stress. Our latest special edition focuses on the innovations, trends and challenges facing human resources and occupational health practitioners in implementing wellbeing…

Work tops list of things Brits worry out, says new survey

A recent survey by Nelsons, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of natural healthcare products, has discovered that 86 percent of adults consider themselves to be a worrier, with the average adult spending the equivalent of almost a month of every year fretting about something and with work-related issues found to be the most likely cause.…