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Heather Jackson, founder of the Balanced Business Forum talks gender balance, diversity and parental leave

The Balanced Business Forum (formally The Women’s Business Forum) is the world’s first and only annual gender balanced leadership and talent management conference. Founded by Heather Jackson, who re-mortgaged her house to create it, the Forum rings together over 500 influential business leaders from across the world who want and need to be challenged with new research, case studies and proven solutions to progressive talent management. HRreview caught up with Heather in between talks at October’s Forum.

Hannah Ford: Shared Parental Leave – throwing the baby out with the bath water?

With effect from 5 April 2015, the legal landscape for co-parenting employees will change unrecognisably. By virtue of the shared parental leave regulations, eligible parents will be able to take up to 50 weeks of interchangeable parental leave. The legislative changes will further enfranchise fathers to take primary childcare responsibility, enable parents to take maternity…

Kim Wager (BIS): Shared parental leave and pay

What do parents currently get, and why are we changing it? From April next year, the Coalition Government will deliver on its pledge to encourage shared parenting by introducing a new entitlement to shared parental leave for working parents. The new system will enable an eligible woman to end her maternity leave and pay early…