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Alan Price: Veganism – How much should I accommodate my employees’ dietary requirements at work?

With veganism being in employment law news of late, Alan Price discusses an employers’ responsibilities towards employees who have specific dietary requirements like veganism.

Monthly employment index: Education top growth industry

London, UK – 18 December 2014: An analysis on the growth trends in UK employment has been released by Indeed today. The company has sourced specific information around the number of job postings advertised across the UK at any given time, the jobs available within each industry, and which areas of the UK serve as employment…

New business to support HR and recruitment with behavioural styles analysis

Applied Driving Techniques, the fleet compliance and risk management specialist, has launched a new business to help companies better understand employee behaviour to boost their HR and recruitment strategies. Applied Business Synergy will provide practical evaluation and reporting solutions that outline very powerful intelligence on behavioural styles, relationships and communication to enhance workforce motivation, productivity,…