Morrisons to take fight to Asda by improving staff break rooms

Morrisons and Asda are engaged in a long rumbling war
Morrisons and Asda are engaged in a long rumbling war

Wars between supermarkets often rival the brutality of ancient times. Morrisons and Asda are the Ancient Rome and Carthage of the twenty first century and the latest assault in their long rumbling conflict has just been launched. Morrisons has announced it intends to lavish £30 million on improving staff rest areas, at a time when, it claims, Asda is doing the exact opposite. This is of course a Machiavellian scheme of the first order.

The makeover will see dated decor and furniture disposed of and replaced with new seating areas, dining tables, freshly ground coffee machines, new toilets and free wi-fi and mobile phone charging points. Some areas will also feature cooking areas, where Morrisons own brand meals (naturally) can be prepared.

“We are a business that listens hard to colleagues and responds wherever possible. We asked our staff for their views about their stores and many commented about their restrooms saying they would like them to be more relaxing and offer a better food service. This investment will ensure they are provided with the facilities and food to help them recharge during their breaks,” Morrisons chief executive, David Potts commented.

Asda announced, only a few weeks ago, that it is taking into consideration closing its canteens and replacing them with microwaves and fridges for staff to bring in and prepare their own food. The company is attempting to make savings and may be forced to cut jobs later in the year.

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