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Cagatay Guney: 5 key areas to focus on for successful HR transformation in 2017

January is over. That means the workload for 2016 is almost over, too.  Soon HR departments will be done closing for the previous year and will be moving on to 2017. Sure enough, prospective planning has already started to fill our calendars and tighten our schedules. So, let’s embrace 2017 with all its heavy load and hope we can transform faster than the competition in this difficult year ahead.

Jess Penny: The new apprenticeship levy will help to close the skills gap in the UK

Jess Penny is General Manager at Penny Hydraulics, a manufacturing and engineering company who specialisein designing, building, and selling hydraulic lifting solutions for a range of industries. In this article, she takes a closer look at how the new apprenticeship levy introduced by the government will help to address the skills gap in this country.

Even ‘nasty’ women are 170 years away from economic equality with men

Gender stereotypes like this belong in the dark ages and should have no place in modern day society. Girls’ schools invest a lot of time and effort in teaching girls how to be assertive, confident and resilient. Is this “nasty women” message one we really want to be giving our daughters, or re-enforcing to our sons?